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Our Crias

Cute alpaca crias, babies, newborn alpacas to weanlings.

Alpaca Momma

Vegas and her cria

Our female alpaca, Vegas, has been a big help to us over the years. Vegas will nurse and take care of any cria that needs help. Vegas is a beautiful female alpaca. Vegas had two crias of her own and then I removed her from our breeding program. We keep …

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Rose Grey

Rose grey cria

Our girl Ruthie had a rose grey cria! Rose grey is one color you don’t see too much of in alpacas especially on our farm. I’ve always been drawn to the grey alpacas. I just love their color but when we first started in alpacas most of the greys back …

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Busy with babies

By early September I thought we were done with the 100 degree heat. Unfortunately we got hit with another week of 100’s the first week in September. Our female alpacas did great all summer until the 100 degree heat decided to hit one more time before fall. I guess the …

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Fall cria season starts early

Our fall alpaca cria season started early this year. Last week Anya, one of our maidens, had a 30 day premature cria. This little guy was definitely not ready to be born. Initially he was so weak… he looked like a little rag doll. Alpaca crias usually weigh between 15 …

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Shearing baby alpacas

Shorn cria

Why do we shear the alpaca crias? If the babies are not shorn they can get too hot during the summer plus the tips of the cria’s fleece is like velcro… everything sticks to it especially the very fine fleeces. By the following spring if they weren’t shorn then their …

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Magic Cria

Magic cria smile

Classic Peruvian Magic is now a proven alpaca herd sire! The other day Magic had a gorgeous brown male cria hit the ground. Wow what a stunning boy. I opened up his fleece and his fiber is already very bright and crimpy. Magic is definitely throwing himself not only in …

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Brown Puccini cria

Brown Puccini cria

Charmyl finally had her cria and this little alpaca is so adorable. He’s big, beautiful, brown and look at all those curls! That’s a lot of great colorful crimp and Puccini is the sire of this handsome boy. Benvenuti’s Puccini brings awesome genetics to our farm. His sire is Victor’s …

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Breech alpaca baby


The other evening right before we went in for the night we noticed Autumn acting a little odd. We watched her for a little while and nothing happened. Alpacas are so stoic and they can hide any kind of symptom really well so we decided to stick around. After a …

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Puccini’s first cria

Sweet face

Our first alpaca baby this year is also Puccini’s first and Wendie’s first cria too! He’s a beautiful beige boy and he already has lots of luscious crimp. I took a closeup of his sweet face. I just love to take pictures of alpaca baby faces especially when they’re sleeping. …

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Girls Girls Girls

Cate gorgeous face

Meet the three alpaca bunnies of Pen 1… Cate, Cleopatra, and Cassie. Hey they all start with the letter C and all three are a class act… they’re our alpaca show girls!Cate is out of Peruvian Coalie and BF Riccardo. She has an incredible staple length, fine, furry, and overall …

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Stand Strong

I used this baby alpaca picture for the month of January in my new alpaca baby calendar for 2012. I thought a new baby struggling to his feet would be a good start for a new year. I’ll be the first to admit that I intervene too much when it …

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My Birthday Babies

Kya, my bithday baby

I couldn’t think of a better way to start posting pictures of our fall crias. My babies, Kya and Passion, were actually born the day before my birthday but I call them my birthday babies. I figured it was close enough and it was definitely a great present. They are …

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