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Monthly Archives: June 2011

No name yet

Elisabetta's baby

He’s not just another pretty face… he just doesn’t have a name yet. We need to come up with a name for this little boy. I sure he’s getting tired of hey you! In fact I have 3 little white boys I call hey you… a little confusing at times …

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Our Echinacea in Oklahoma grows wild and it’s growing right along the road we live on. It’s called Echinacea sanguinea. I was surprised when I searched online I found 9 different species of echinacea. Ours is the most southern one. Some species are used for medicinal purposes and some are …

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Elite Alpaca Fleece

Over the years we’ve sheared quite a few alpacas and we’ve seen quite a few fleeces. Every year the fleeces keep getting better and better. Our Riccardo crias are awesome this year! This year the alpaca fleece that really stands out from all of the others and is considered an …

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Cache blade found

We hardly ever take a day off because we still need to feed the alpacas and horses. We get so busy that we forget to take time off for ourselves. However the other day Dave and I took a break. We took the afternoon off and went for a walk …

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Newborn cria

sleeping cria

Our last cria, alpaca baby, for the spring season… another white boy. Wow so many boys! He’s a very special boy… by Crescent Moon’s Accoyo Nobility and Benvenuti’s Elisabetta… an awesome combination! He’s curled up and sleeping like a baby. Alpacas usually don’t sleep like this so I have to …

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Moon Breeding

A few years ago we were told if we breed our alpacas on the waxing side of the moon we would get more females. I laughed about it but when I checked our breedings over the past 7 years I found out that 90% of the time our breedings went …

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Gran Torino

Well Norina finally had her cria the other day. We named him, Gran Torino. It seems to fit him and we thought it would be a cute name for an alpaca. His mom of course is BF Norina and his sire is FDA Grand Slam. Norina’s pedigree reads like the …

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