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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Sweet and gentle

Sweet gentle alpacas

The alpacas are such sweet animals and they are truly a joy to photograph. The other day some friends came to visit us. They asked if they could take pictures of our alpaca crias. I grabbed my camera as well and we all went to the pen where we keep …

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Kiloh running free

Run away Kiloh

Kiloh now runs free with our other horses that run free on 380 acres. Our horse colt Kiloh was gelded a few weeks ago. We waited until he was completely healed before letting him out with the other horses. I’m so glad alpacas are easier going than the horses when …

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Pressure Canning

Pressure canner cooker

My pressure canner cooker finally arrived. I’m so excited about getting started canning. It’s one heavy duty cooker and I’m proud to say it’s made in the USA! You’ll never guess the name of this pressure cooker… it’s the All American Canner Cooker, what a great name. I’m not cooking …

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Shearing baby alpacas

Shorn cria

Why do we shear the alpaca crias? If the babies are not shorn they can get too hot during the summer plus the tips of the cria’s fleece is like velcro… everything sticks to it especially the very fine fleeces. By the following spring if they weren’t shorn then their …

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What’s cooking?

Canned green beans

What’s cooking… in my house usually very little. Anyone that knows me knows that I’m not much of a cook. My old way of thinking… I prefer to go out to eat rather than cook. So what does this have to do with alpacas? It has everything to do with …

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