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Nature Around Us

Our nature section includes the wild and free side of our ranch… it includes animals, insects, flowers, trees and anything and everything about nature!


Peanut with spider

Wow… talk a about a big scary spider! There have been so many tarantulas running around lately. It must be breeding season or something because every time I turn around I see more tarantulas. There were some in the alpaca pens and we see quite a few of them running …

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Hot coon

Oh this poor raccoon, this is just horrible… You know it’s too hot when you see an animal having such a hard time in the heat. I took this photo a few days ago and poor mama raccoon was so hot! So when is the relief from this heat coming? …

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Our Echinacea in Oklahoma grows wild and it’s growing right along the road we live on. It’s called Echinacea sanguinea. I was surprised when I searched online I found 9 different species of echinacea. Ours is the most southern one. Some species are used for medicinal purposes and some are …

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