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Homestead Living

Homesteading and country living. Living off the land and getting back to basics.

Canning Tomatoes

Tomatoes from our garden

The temperature here has been over 100 degrees for days now and the grasshoppers are back. Needless to say I think our garden is done. I was amazed we were able to save some of our tomatoes from the grasshoppers and the heat. I canned my very first tomatoes… 8 …

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Pressure Canning

Pressure canner cooker

My pressure canner cooker finally arrived. I’m so excited about getting started canning. It’s one heavy duty cooker and I’m proud to say it’s made in the USA! You’ll never guess the name of this pressure cooker… it’s the All American Canner Cooker, what a great name. I’m not cooking …

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What’s cooking?

Canned green beans

What’s cooking… in my house usually very little. Anyone that knows me knows that I’m not much of a cook. My old way of thinking… I prefer to go out to eat rather than cook. So what does this have to do with alpacas? It has everything to do with …

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