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Early Cria

Early cria with mom
Early cria with mom
Our fall alpaca crias started coming very early. In fact this little guy couldn’t wait for fall. Peruvian Lace’s male cria arrived 30 days too early and we were still in the hot month of August.

As a premature cria he had very lax ligaments and his teeth hadn’t come through the gums yet. He was very wobbly and he had a hard time standing. He finally was able to get up and follow mom. He looked like a little old man following her around.

The heat was terrible so I had to keep watch and make sure he didn’t fall asleep in the sun. I tried to keep him in the shade and I took cool water and ran it over the pads of his feet hoping to keep him from getting too hot. He was obviously too premature to regulate his temperature and he became lethargic. We put him on antibiotics and we decided to move both mom and baby to the cool room.

After a few hours in the cool room he was able to get up and nurse. He improved greatly so we left them both in the cool room over night. If we didn’t have a cool place to put him in I’m not so sure he would have survived.

Early cria is gorgeous
What a gorgeous boy!
I’m happy to say that he’s doing fantastic and he turned out beautiful. I just love a happy ending or should I say a happy beginning! 🙂