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Summer Update

It seems like I’m always playing catch-up on our alpaca blog. I’ve had several people email asking how the alpacas made out after such a hot summer.

Tanner's ready to breed
Calendar Girl’s son, Tanner, had to be placed in the cool room for quite awhile. We had to keep ice packs on his testicles to keep the swelling down. Poor Tanner was getting tired of me putting ice packs on his private parts. He is doing much better but he did loose some weight. We’re getting the weight back on him and he’s getting fat and sassy. Tanner’s ready to breed or at least he thinks he is.

Alliance’s mother, Madame Pompadour, went down in the heat and couldn’t get back up. We made her a sling and lifted her up several times a day. Within a few days of being in the cool room she improved quickly.

Maisie started to get weak legs so we put her in the cool room right away and she bounced right back.

We had a few of the girls abort and they will be bred back this fall. We lost two young weanlings, an older female, and the male that came from another farm. We had a 30 day premature cria but with God’s help we were able to save him.

It could have been a lot worse considering the temperatures were up around 114 degrees and we had very little water. It’s behind us now and now we look forward to all of our fall babies… oh and those cria pictures are coming soon! 🙂