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Our Horses

Our horses play a big part in our daily life here on the ranch so I felt it was time to add a new section to our alpaca blog. We have 10 horses, 9 run free on 380 acres and one colt that is kept in the front pond pasture.

Colt Kiloh waiting
Kiloa waiting for Dave to bring hay
We no longer breed paint horses so we sold our stallion, Blue. Kiloh is Blue’s last colt born on our ranch. He’s kept separate from the other horses because he hasn’t been gelded yet. Once Kiloh is gelded he will join the other 9 horses out on the ranch.

The horses are much rougher than the alpacas when it comes to introducing a new member to the herd. His mother, Vegas, is the lead mare so when he joins the herd I’m hoping his transition will go smoothly. I’ll have my camera ready when the time comes because there will most likely be plenty of action.