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Wow… talk a about a big scary spider! There have been so many tarantulas running around lately. It must be breeding season or something because every time I turn around I see more tarantulas. There were some in the alpaca pens and we see quite a few of them running across the road while we’re driving. I hate spiders and hate big spiders even more!

We had a huge tarantula walk across our living room floor the other evening. I had both of our chihuahuas in my arms and being the brave person that I am… I yelled for help! Dave came to the rescue… he swooped him up in a container and then he let him go outside.

Of course I had to get a couple of pictures of this guy… well this is what he looked like before Peanut decided to play with him.

I read on wikipedia that tarantulas can live for 30 to 40 years. The oldest one is a female that lived to be 49 years old. I’ll bet the one that Peanut found didn’t live very long. I don’t think the tarantulas around here get to live long at all. The alpacas will usually stomp on them and the barn cats play a little too rough.

Spiders and snakes… the joys of country living! 🙂