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Ruby and JuJu visit

Every spring and fall we have female alpacas visit our males for breedings. This spring we are enjoying not one but two special visitors. Ruby’s all grown up and she’s returned for a breeding to Classic Peruvian Magic. She has a beautiful cria with her that she had with BF Giacomo. Her name is JuJu and she’s an absolute doll! She reminds me so much of Ruby when Ruby was a cria. JuJu not only looks like her mom but she has her mom’s personality too!

Anyone that knows us or our website knows Ruby. She was a very popular cria on our farm. She was so full of energy and personality! I had so much fun taking pictures and videos of Ruby when she was young. Ruby was the cria being born on our alpaca birth page. Ruby is also our first cria to wear a cria coat… the picture of the little cria in the red coat.

I also took a video called run over and you guessed it… Ruby was at the head of the pack running towards me. The following picture of JuJu running up the same driveway with a pack of alpacas behind her… it was an instant replay of run over with Ruby… too funny! 🙂 I’ve added a few photos of Ruby and JuJu… they look so much alike.

I’ll enjoy Ruby and her cria for about one more month and then they’ll be ready to go home. Ruby and JuJu are enjoying themselves while they’re here and I’m enjoying taking pictures of the two of them together… they’re just too cute!

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