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Mama Raccoon
We have raccoons visiting every evening after we feed the alpacas. Mama raccoon had four babies so she’s very hungry and thirsty. She usually comes by herself and leaves her babies at home. I guess she’s not finding much to eat with the extreme heat.

The other day she was hot. She was panting and acting like she was going to have a heat stroke. Dave sprayed her with the water… he scared her and she ran off. Then she stopped as if she realized it felt good and he wasn’t trying to hurt her. She came back and got on the edge of the tub of water and put her feet in the water.

A kodak moment and of course Dave didn’t call me. I’ve been waiting for that shot now for a few days but I don’t think it’s going to happen. I did however get her hanging out in a tree and I thought it turned out cute. I’ll have to take some more pictures the next time she brings her babies with her.