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Stay Cool

Alpacas and water
Alpacas playing in the water

The alpacas are so hot but they’re making the best of it this summer. They stay in the barn most of the day in front of the fans to stay cool. When we come back with fresh water from town they can’t wait to get a drink right from the hose!

The alpacas also enjoy being sprayed on their legs and bellies. After they get sprayed they run to the roll holes and roll around in the dirt and then it’s back to the barn again to get in front of the fans.

We had evaporative cooler fans which worked great when we had water. Now with no water the cooler fans didn’t move enough air. We switched to chicken house fans and boy can they move the air through the barn. So for our situation the chicken house fans are working much better for us.

It’s still over 100 degrees and every day the temperature is climbing. Please everyone try to stay cool this summer!