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One more cria due

Cute alpaca cria
Magic's female cria out of Jennivere... soooo cute!
Well I’m overdue on my alpaca cria update… so far we’ve had 20 babies here at Walnut Creek and one more cria on the way for our fall alpaca breeding season. Our crias this year are stunning… we have babies sired by Classic Peruvian Magic, BF Toscanini, BF Riccardo, BF Giacomo, and more.

We breed our females up to the end of December. Actually I try to get all of our alpaca breeding done before the end of November. Although every year we have a few girls that don’t get pregnant right away so we try to get those girls bred before the end of the year. When we breed too late in the season we run the risk of losing a newborn cria to the cold. It happens when one of our bred females have their cria either during the night or when we are away. It seems like we always loose at least one cria to the cold every year.

I’m keeping a close eye on, Olivia, our last female due this year. Olivia’s due date is December 1st, Her due date is based on a 340 day gestaton. If you need help calculating when your female is due visit our alpaca cria calculator to calculate your baby’s due date. I’m hoping Olivia will have her cria during the day when I’m right there so the cold won’t be an issue. Actually the culprit is when the cold is combined with the wind and rain… burrrr.

I’ve had several emails from people asking to see our alpaca babies! I promise I’ll post cria pictures very soon. In the mean time I posted a cute photo of Jennivere’s cria… she was sired by Classic Peruvian Magic and wow is she gorgeous! 🙂