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Hot summer update

It has been very hot here in Oklahoma this summer. That’s two summers in a row of over 100 degrees of scorching heat. This year our alpacas seem to be tolerating the heat a little bit better than last year. So far only one female aborted and no deaths… thank God!

Our alpacas spend the hottest part of the day in the barn in front of a large chicken house fan to keep cool. It looks funny because all of the alpacas are packed in there like sardines.

Last summer I blogged about how to deal with heat stress in alpacas. There are some helpful ideas on how you can help your alpacas keep cool through the hot summer at Alpacas and heat stress

I’m so happy they are all doing better this year. Prayer goes a long way… I’ve prayed that our alpacas would acclimate to the extreme heat so they would be able to bear much more than last year. Answered prayers are always such a wonderful blessing!

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