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Lightning strike

Lightning strike tree
Lightning strike tree
We’re back… we have internet once again. This week I’m hoping to get back on track quickly and start updating regularly.

We found out why our internet went out… a tree next to our house was struck by lightning. The lightning hit our satellite dish as well as the modem. The lightning even affected the area where the modem connects to my computer. We had to replace everything!

I took some pictures of the tree that was hit by the lightning. It’s very odd looking… the lightning peeled the bark off the tree. The other evening it was covered in bugs for some odd reason. However when I took these pictures today I didn’t see any grasshoppers or katydids on it.

Lightning hit tree
tree bark peeled back
It’s very frustrating and time consuming trying to get everything up and working again. I’d rather be out taking pictures of our alpacas or out taking an early morning walk with our Anatolian Shepherd, Lacey. I am so looking forward to fall when it will be cooler and I can spend more time outdoors doing the things I like to do.

We are so blessed… I’m so thankful that God watches over us. That lightning could have easily hit our house or us. A computer is much easier to replace than a house or our lives!