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Guardian dog missing

Anatolian Shepherd Leila
Our Anatolian Shepherd Leila
Our livestock guardian dog, Leila, has been missing since Sunday. Leila guards our alpacas along with our other guardian dog, Pac. She’s a beautiful Anatolian Shepherd. She is so wonderful with our alpacas. Actually she’s great with all of our animals. Leila is one in a million to us.
Leila loves the alpacas
Leila loves the alpacas
I’m so worried that something horrible has happened to her. It’s hunting season right now so I’m afraid she may have gotten shot or stuck in a trap. I can’t stand the thought of her being out there hurt. I can’t help her if I don’t know where she is. I keep praying she’ll come home.
Leila loves our chihuahuas
Leila loves our chihuahuas
We’ve been out looking for her everyday but so far no leads. It’s so hard for me even to write this. I’m so attached to her and I love her so much. I’ve be in tears everyday since she’s been missing. I’m so sad and I just want Leila to come home safely.
Leila even loves cats
Leila even loves cats
Leila has been an amazingly wonderful guardian dog. The picture below was taken at the bottom of the alpaca pen. She would jump out of the pen on to a column of rocks. She would stand on the rock column and look out to see if there was anything lurking out there. I love the Anatolian Shepherds. I think they are the best livestock guardian dogs a ranch could have.
Leila livestock guardian dog
Leila amazing livestock guardian dog
If anyone sees this blog post and knows something about what happened to Leila please call or email me. Thank you. 🙁


  1. Did you ever find Leila? She’s such a beautiful dog