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New book
New book
This week we’re starting our book promotion for our newest book, Alpaca Picture Book. My book is now available with the Kindle Unlimited program at Amazon. Subscribers can download and read the kindle version of the Alpaca Picture Book for free!

For those of you that don’t own a kindle, you can download the kindle pc program to your computer or laptop and it works great for reading books. We also have the hard cover and paperback versions available for purchase at Amazon as well.

I know what some people are thinking. Why do a picture book… is it a children’s book? Well yes and no. Children can look at the pictures and the reading level is around the 8th grade. In the book I include my favorite pictures from over the past 13 years of raising alpacas. I thought it was a great way to share alpacas with everyone. I include quite a bit of fun facts so it would be enjoyable and an easy way to learn about them.

We also made a picture calendar to compliment the book. Our 2015 calendar is now available at Alpaca Picture Calendar at Zazzle. The alpaca on the front of the calendar is coincidentally Calendar Girl!

Please let me know what you think about the book. Reviews are important so I’m asking my blog readers for an honest critique of my work over at Amazon. I want you to know your opinions are important to me and greatly appreciated. Thank you and enjoy!

Before I forget… I need to let you all know that next month we’ll have a free download for everyone so be sure to check back for the dates.