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Free alpaca book

alpaca book
free book download
Free Alpaca Picture Book download for everyone! Last time we did a free promotion I guess a lot people did not have kindle unlimited so this time the download is for everyone.

The book is full of alpaca pictures from years of raising alpacas. For those of you not familiar with alpacas we also include some great information about their behavior. The book will also help you decide if raising alpacas is right for you.

Alpaca Picture Book
The free download is available at Amazon for 5 days, 11/17 – 11/21

Alpaca Breeding Book
Alpaca Breeding Book
All reviews are greatly appreciated. If you could post a review at Amazon and let other potential readers know why you liked the book, it would be very helpful.

If you leave a review for the Alpaca Picture Book send me an email with your information and the first 10 requests will win a free signed copy of our other book, The Alpaca Breeding Book! It’s not necessary to write a lengthy or formal review. Here’s a link to the review form for my book: Alpaca Picture Book review

Thank you for your input and reviews. Have fun reading and enjoy!