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Farm Update

Somehow we manage to stay busy all the time.  Due to popular demand, I made an alpaca picture book with some of my favorite photos from the past 13 years.  The book also has some interesting facts plus some great insight into their personalities and behavior. 

Calendar Girl, our famous alpaca, is the star for the cover of the book.  I also include more pictures of her inside the book. I put names and the year the photograph was taken on every picture so they can all be identified.  Currently the Alpaca Picture Book is available on kindle.  The hard cover and paperback editions will be out in a couple of weeks.

I apologize for my lack of blog posts. We were exposed to mold and became ill.  We cut back the number of animals on our farm to make everything easier.  We currently have under 20 alpacas and under 10 horses.  We are starting to feel better but it is a slow road to full recovery.  We did not realize mold can make a person so sick.  Brain fog is one of the symptoms so please forgive me for forgetting things at times.  I thought I was getting old but I’m glad it’s the mold and not me, I’m still young. I just thank God we found out what was making us sick and we are getting better. Thank you for all of your prayers.