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Baby season over

Jenni's baby
Jenni's baby with Marcello
Today was our last alpaca baby for the season. Jenni had her baby sometime during the night. By the time we found him he was dry and up nursing. We missed the whole thing. In fact he didn’t even need our help. Don’t get me wrong I’m glad he didn’t need my help but it’s nice to be needed at least a little bit.

Well this baby is very photogenic… I’m going to love taking pictures of him. In fact all of Marcello and Giacomo’s babies are very beautiful. Actually who am I kidding I love taking pictures of all of the crias. I’ll have to get over to the cria section and start posting pictures soon. I don’t know how I got so far behind.

The baby season is over but here in Oklahoma the breeding will continue through to December 15th and then we’ll be done for the year.