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Avoiding Birth

Onyx's cria & Betsy's cria
Onyx's cria & Betsy's cria
Avoiding birth but not for long! My girl Onyx drives me crazy when she is due. She will usually go over her due date because she tries to avoid the inevitable. She is my only alpaca that will constantly lie down facing downhill to take the pressure off her back end… how crazy is that?!!

We decided this year she isn’t going to go over 350 days. She has big crias and the longer she goes the harder it is to get them out so we decided to give her a shot to move things along. Like clockwork, 24 hours later she was ready to deliver but she doesn’t like to push so we had to pull the cria. She gave birth to a big healthy 20 pound male cria.

Onyx is black and the male she was bred to, Riccardo. has been throwing dark babies and mostly females. So how did I end up with a little white boy?