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The Cool Room

We knew we had to do something quick and get Tanner out of the heat otherwise we might loose him. We already lost the male alpaca that came from the other farm and I didn’t want to loose another alpaca to the heat. The best way to treat heat exhaustion is to cool them down. We have three alpacas down with heat exhaustion and the only cool place is in our house. We could bring them in the house but I just didn’t see that happening.

We’ve been trying to cool them down but when it’s 110 degrees nothing is very effective. I stood in front of the fan and it felt like a giant hair dryer. The ice packs we were using were melting in minutes. I had to face it… the temperature is just too high… I started to cry.

alpaca with heat stress
Tanner in the cool room

Dave’s cool idea… use the laundry room to cool them down. Our laundry room is part of an old milk house. The floor is cement and it has a drain. The only problem is it’s hot inside so we needed an air conditioner. I called several stores and there were no air conditioners to be found anywhere. Before I could call the last store, the phone rang. A friend called to see if their female was ready to go home and to see if they could help us in any way. I explained our situation and wow… God’s timing is perfect, they had a spare air conditioner in their garage that they weren’t using. They offered to bring the air conditioner to us and it worked out well because their female was ready to go home.

Tanners face
Tanner's sweet face

Jamie arrived that evening with an air conditioner! Of course when he got here chaos broke out everywhere. Our weanling horse, Kiloh, got out of his pen and he was out with the big horses. Then one of our horses chased Kiloa around until he finally jumped the fence right into the alpaca pen. In the process of trying to get the horse out of the alpaca pen someone left the gate open and all of the alpacas came running out into the barnyard. There were alpacas everywhere… jumping up and down on the little precious hay we have left. They acted like a bunch of schools kids that were just let out to play. I usually call our ranch Green Acres but that evening it turned into the funny farm! 🙂

We quickly cleaned out the laundry room to get it ready for our patients. I threw everything outside because I felt I had plenty of time to put it up. That stuff was only out there a very short time. Now we haven’t had any rain in a long time so I wasn’t worried about anything getting ruined. I’m not sure how long it took but don’t you know it started to rain! LOL… too funny!!!

Well our cool room is working like a charm. We’re finally able to start turning these three alpacas around. Thank you God for sending Jamie & Amy Downes to our rescue they are truly good people. Thank you everyone for your prayers… God is listening and He is still answering prayers!