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Alpaca day out

Alpaca males tango
Mazaratti and Da Vinci tango
In this picture it looks like these two alpaca males are fighting but actually they were just showing off for the girls. We put the males and females in the north pens for the day so they could eat green grass. The pens we moved them to are right next to each other so all of the alpacas were busy flirting and acting silly.

Alpacas are funny to watch. They are very social. Da Vinci loves to show off by standing up on his hind legs. I guess he’s showing the girls how big and handsome he is. Of course Mazaratti thought he could do better but Da Vinci had him beat. Much to my surprise they didn’t fight at all. The boys were too busy trying to look macho!

The males weren’t alone in their display of showing off. The girls were busy running and jumping plus there was a whole lot of flirting going on… it was a fun alpaca day out.

In the evening all of the alpacas were ready to go home to the pens we usually keep them in. Our males are kept in the front pen. They can see the girls from their pen but they are far enough away that the girls aren’t much of a distraction. We have 13 intact adult males all in the same pen. They all get along really well and they act like one happy family. They have a pecking order just like any other group of animals. The only time they have little disputes is at feeding time. I’m so glad our males have such sweet dispositions… it makes everything so much easier when all of our males can live together in the same pen.