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Three days deadly heat

Hot alpacas
Bianca and Cleo are hot
This summer was much easier than the last two summers. However, August wants to go out with a bang! The next three days are going to be around 100 degrees with a dangerously high heat index. This is a critical time for our pregnant female alpacas so we need to keep them as cool as possible. We breed mostly for fall crias so the girls are uncomfortable at this stage of pregnancy.

If the alpacas get too hot, some of the females may abort or have premature crias. We had one female abort already. I want to make sure nothing else happens. I need to keep them cool so I’m ready to spray the girls with water and put them under the big fans.

Bianca playing in water tub
Bianca playing in water tub
So far my plan is not working. Dave informed me this morning that our well ran out of water. He will bring back water from Talihina after he gets done running around today. As soon as he gets back we can spray and water the alpacas. Bianca can’t wait she looks like she wants to crawl into the water tubs.

This weekend is Labor day weekend… the Choctaw festival is going on right down the road from us. The festival attracts people from all over Oklahoma. I don’t think we’ll make it over to the festival this year. With the high temps we need to stay home and take care of the alpacas. Hopefully we’ll get through the next three days with no other incidents.

Have fun this weekend and everyone please stay cool!