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No Water

Farm truck
Farm truck to haul water
No rain on our alpaca farm equals no water for us or the alpacas! It is so dry here that even Walnut Creek is down to only a few puddles. To add insult to injury we’ve had over 100 degrees every day for so long that I can’t remember the last time it was below 100!

We have to go to town, Talihina, every day and sometimes twice a day. We have a tank in the back of our truck and we buy water and haul it back. There’s a sump pump inside of the tank that we hook up to our hoses to give the alpacas water and spray them a little. The alpacas come first, then us and then our garden. Oh there is no garden… the grasshoppers ate it all!

Sometimes we run out after watering the alpacas. Ok at the end of the day… we’re hot, tired and in need of a shower and no water left for us. So back to town we go sometimes as late as 10 pm. This has been a very hot, dry summer so far. It’s getting very stressful for the animals and for us… please pray for rain and cooler temps.

When all is said and done… I still wouldn’t trade my country life for the city life. I love living out in the country… I just wish we had water.