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Emu Rescued

Emu face
Emu trapped
When you live in Oklahoma on a ranch it seems like everything and anything can happen and it usually does. We took Mother’s day off to take a break from shearing the alpacas. Although even when we take a day off we still have to work.

In the morning Dave went down to Walnut Creek to fix the water gap. We’ve had so much rain lately that most of our water gaps are down. If we don’t fix them right away our horses will get out. While fixing the fence there was an emu there watching him. He had some horse feed with him so he gave it to the emu. She was hungry so she ate some of the horse feed. This emu was trapped between barbed wire fence and briars. He knew he had to get her out of there or a big cat or coyotes would kill her. He couldn’t get her out by himself so he came home to get help.

Emu free
Emu free at last
It took four of us to herd this one big bird out of the briars and across the creek. She was so thirsty and once she was out she drank and drank for quite a while. She followed our 4 wheeler for a little while and then she went on her way. I’m not sure where she’s going but I hope she finds her way home.

So we did our good deed for Mother’s day and now at least the emu has a better chance to survive.