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Our Alpacas ~

When the first alpacas arrived at our farm they were very frightened and kept their distance. Alpacas are flight animals which makes them different than most animals.  It takes a little time and patience to win their trust.  Alpacas are very intelligent so they learn quickly but there are some that hold on to that flight instinct and it takes a little longer to win their trust.  The rewards for winning the trust of an alpaca is awesome.  They are much sweeter and gentler than we had ever imagined.  Even maintenance care is a breeze.

resting by the pond

It's a joy to go out to the pens, where we are always greeted with smiling faces and hums.  Some of them come up and give kisses, and some even enjoy hugs.  They are polite and never pushy.  They are very curious to see what we are doing, when we are in the pens.  They all potty in the same place, so clean up is made very easy.  Sometimes, while we are scooping poop, they will form a line behind us, waiting for their turn to use the potty pile.  In the heat of the summer months we spray the alpacas legs and bellies with water to cool them.  The alpacas absolutely love to get sprayed!  Some jump up and down and spin around, to get sprayed, while others like to lay down (cush) in the water.

Alpaca Crias ~

Our biggest joy is when a new baby (cria) is born.  All of the other alpacas come over to greet the new baby.  When the welcome party is over, they give the new mom and baby their space and a chance to be alone to bond.  The alpaca herd is a family and they respect a new mother's time with her baby.  The babies are a joy to watch!  They are playful and very, very curious.  It is also interesting to watch how they interact with the rest of the herd, learning the herd morals from the older alpacas, sometimes mild and sometimes harsh.

The Lifestyle ~

We built our pens close to the house so we can see the alpacas from our windows.  It's a wonderful way to wake up in the morning and watch the alpacas graze while I sip on my morning cup of coffee.  It brings extra peace to our morning time.

Whether we are showing our alpacas or just sitting in the evening watching them, we wouldn't change a thing.  The alpacas are the most enjoyable livestock we have ever raised.  We hope others may enjoy the same peace and serenity that we enjoy with the alpacas.  You are welcome to visit our farm and see the difference.  We invite you to come out and meet the alpacas and experience the wonderful alpaca lifestyle.

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