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Farm History ~

Our beautiful ranch was family owned for over 50 years.  Nestled in the mountains, with 3 ponds and a major, spring fed creek with many tributaries, it is truly a wonderful place to call home.  The original house still stands and is over 100 years old.  It was originally built by Mato Kosyk (Mathew Kossick), the world's most famous Sorbian poet.  It is an honor to live in the house that such a famous poet built.  The house came in second on the list of Historical Sites in Oklahoma.

Dave and his family raised mainly horses and cows.  His grandfather had a passion for horses and his dream was to have a fully operational horse ranch.  Dave shares his grandfather's passion for horses and fulfilled his grandfather's dream.  Along with horses, the dream now includes alpacas.

The ranch remained idle for quite a few years and much of the landscape had become overgrown.  Many hours went into cutting and burning brush, repairing fence and making pens, before the alpacas arrived.  The excitement and anticipation grew as we awaited the arrival of our first alpacas.  Ten years later, after adding on to our existing barn, it is now home to over 100 alpacas and growing.

Horses to alpacas ~

We still raise horses but the alpacas have captured our hearts.  Once you meet these wonderful animals, you can't help but fall in love.  Raising alpacas is such a rewarding experience, providing both income and pleasure.  We invite everyone interested in alpacas to come out and see our farm and meet the alpacas, one on one.  Visitors are always welcome at Walnut Creek!  Hope to see you soon...

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