Ruby Alpaca Book

Alpaca Coat for Ruby

Alpaca Coat for Ruby

by Karen DiVita Galbraith &
illustrations by Mariia Kotciurzhinskaia

Our alpaca children's book 'Alpaca Coat for Ruby' was based on a true story as most of the illustrations were inspired from actual photographs of Ruby's life. Have fun reading about Ruby and how she discovers her alpaca coat!

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Adult Alpaca Coloring Book

Ruby's Alpaca Creative Coloring Book for Adults ~ Relaxation ~

by Karen DiVita Galbraith
illustrations by Mariia Kotciurzhinskaia

An alpaca creative coloring book for adults ~ relaxation ~ was based on the picture book 'Alpaca Coat for Ruby'. With our creative adult coloring book you can turn your coloring into works of art. There are less shapes within the main shapes, which encourages the blending of colors, making you the artist and results in an atmosphere of relaxation. The illustrations are on single pages so each picture is a separate masterpiece.

The illustrations in our coloring book were drawn from a professional artist, Mariia from FleurArt! Feel free to think outside of the box or lines, and have fun! : )

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Free Alpaca Coloring Pages

You are welcome to download and print out the following pages:

Hand drawn illustrations from
Ruby's Creative Coloring Book for Adults ~ Relaxation ~

Color Ruby Alpaca
Ruby and Celine

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Ruby T-shirts

Shirts on Amazon for children or adults!

Ruby Alpaca tees
artwork by FleurArt

The Ruby Alpaca t-shirt was made from a hand drawn illustration of a cute baby alpaca, a great gift for kids or adults that love alpacas.

The picture is from our new book, Alpaca Coat for Ruby! Ruby has a smile on her face plus lovely flowers in the background. Ruby is so cool and her cute face sure to bring a smile to anyone's face!

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Ruby Alpaca Photos

Everyone loves Ruby!

Ruby stood out on the alpaca farm, as she was quite the character with her abundance of energy and curiosity. Ruby's antics started early in life so Karen took many photographs and videos of Ruby, documenting her life on the farm.


More photos of Ruby coming soon >>

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Ruby Alpaca Videos

Meet Ruby in her close-up

Ruby runs ahead of the other alpacas!

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