Alpaca Online Puzzles

Our online alpaca jigsaw photo puzzles are cut into 48 classic pieces.

After you get to the puzzle you may change the number of pieces as well as the shape
of the pieces by clicking on the "Shapes" button on the left of the puzzle.
There are many different cuts available for you to choose from.
You can also choose the amount of pieces.
( 6 to over 200 pieces )

If pieces get hidden behind the puzzle as you are solving it,
click on the "Shuffle" button to bring them to the top.

Note: Java must be enabled on your browser for the puzzles to work.

Click on a picture below from our gallery to start a free photo puzzle!

Three alpacas
Three Alpacas

Female alpaca
Female alpaca Elisabetta

Alpaca Calendar Girl
Calendar Girl

Cria Kisses photo
Cria Kisses

Picture crias on the run
Crias on the run!

Alpaca Chat Puzzle
Alpaca Chat

By the gate
Alpacas by the Gate

Alpaca Kisses


New cria
New Cria

Baby Alpaca
Baby Alpaca

more photo puzzles to come soon....

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