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I love to taking pictures of alpacas, especially the babies.  They are so precious.  I truly hope you enjoy my photos as much as I enjoy taking them.  Once again we're trying new ways of displaying photos.  We think you're going to like our new gallery so much more... enjoy!  Below is our old display.  Hope you enjoy some of our older shots too! :)

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Old Alpaca Gallery

Cria kisses pic
All of the girls love Rembrandt

Ruby and Rebecca
Ruby and Rebecca are best friends.
They're always together!

Beautiful day
There's nothing better than spending a beautiful day with the alpacas.

Sienna with kitty cat
All of our babies get along very well.

Celine kisses kitty
Celine is giving a kitty a kiss!

Ash roll
Alpacas love to roll!  They found an ash pile and they had a ball.  Don't let your babies roll in ash right before you shear.  We learned a valuable lesson that year.  When we went to shear... the ash dulled all of our blades!!!

Ruby newborn
Oh my Ruby looks like ET!

Ruby's new coat
Actually Ruby turned out beautiful.

Ruby on the run
Ruby is one happy alpaca.
She loves to run and play... go Ruby!

Ruby and Jenni
Sometimes Ruby runs too fast
and here she is running into another alpaca!

Ruby portrait
My baby Ruby is growing up.
I took this picture right after shearing.

Malita and friends
Malita and the other girls

Dave and Rebecca
Dave imprinting with Rebecca

Huggable Sienna
Sienna loves hugs and attention especially when there might be some food involved.

Farm visit
We enjoy farm visits and show people how to do maintenance care for their alpacas.

Reba face
Reba's beautiful face

Sienna face
Sienna another beauty

Malita and Ocean
The older alpacas teach the younger ones

Jenni and Sienna
Jenni is telling Sienna a thing or two!

A Walk with Malita
This picture has to be one of my all time favorites.
As the girls were headed down the driveway Malita kept looking back at me to see if I was going to go with them.  I did and we had fun!

Noah, very curious!
There will be more pictures to come,  this is just too much fun!
Now if I can only get them to stay still long enough.....

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