An Amazing Alpaca Maze

Help the lost alpaca
find his way back to the barn!

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Alpaca Game Information ~

Have fun playing this simple alpaca maze puzzle game.  It was  written entirely in css (no javascript etc).

The object of the puzzle is to navigate the alpaca from the start arrow to the red barn without touching the maze walls. If you touch any of the walls then you will have to start over.

There are secret passages built into the maze which allow you to pass through some of the walls, some in one direction only so beware!  These will open up when you stand next to them so take it slowly.

HINT : Some things are not what they seem :)

There are several ways to cheat at this puzzle, but that's not the object of the game.  This maze game was made to demonstrate the POWER of css.

The amazing puzzle was made by Stu Nicholls and we modified it with the alpaca and red barn for our alpaca website with Stu's permission.  Enjoy the game and have fun playing!

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